What's that sticker thing?

When you visit a city, keep your eyes open. An art gallery usually is right next to you. Lamp posts, windows, post boxes or bus stops, often they carry thousands of unique, but rarely noticed artworks. Hand-drawn, printed, sprayed or stenciled stickers in all colors and formats. Some beautifully designed with love for detail, some just a scribbled name, but all of them have people behind them that want to leave a trace in this world.

Can I get some stickers?

You sure can! Either by trading, if you have some stickers to spare, or you can donate to get a sticker-pack. You can contact Calmy Jane through the contact form or on Instagram.

Are there Rules?

There are no rules! But I do have some moral guidelines I follow, feel free to do so, too.

Take your trash

Put the covers in your pocket, and dispose/recycle them properly. Don't litter.

Don't cover art

Everyone has a right to spread art, don't slap on top of other stickers/tags.

Be nice!

Try not to piss of people. Choose spots that you think are appropriate to be covered with stickers.

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