What are Calmy Janes Games?

You want to relax, and retreat from all the stress in your daily life? Calmy Janes Games are the perfect fit for you!
Explore the amazing world of Janesworld in the Crazytown Adventures, played in the browser. If you got a PC on hand, try Walking the Wires, a tricky Jump&Run side-scroller with a LabVIEW-Theme. Walking the Wires now also got an online-version you can try in your browser, but the features of that version are to be extended.

Or give a little try to Orbit of Pain, a Unity based 2D space-shooter...


A 2D Multiplayer Shooter with all content created from AI.

Walking the Wires

An amateur jump&run game. Don't expect crazy mechanics, but it got some content and a bunch of funny LabVIEW-References!

Walking the Wires ONLINE

You can play Walking the Wires directly in your browser, but mobile controls are not supported. You need to play on a PC.

Orbit of Pain
Orbit of Pain

A very simple 2D Shooter.


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A fun Mills/9MensMorris boardgame simulation with 3D-Effects. Have Fun Playing!

Crazytown Adventures Demo

An exciting text adventure built using Great shoutout to this easy bot builder that granted a free license for this project, make sure to check out their tools, it's super easy to build your own bots!
The Demo contains a full unique story line, make sure to check it out!

Crazytown Adventures

The full version of Crazytown Adventures. Get more background story on Crazytown and Janesworld in general, as well as optimized gameplay.


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